Vision Training for Elite Performance

The Faster Your Eyes Focus the Faster Your Brain Can React

The bottom line is that while the brain is an integral part of the decision making process, the brain still needs data or information to make the pending decision. The brain collects this information from all of the senses but for sports, surgery, or Soldiering, the eyes are absolutely critical to the decision making process. The faster the information is collected by the eye the faster the information gets to the brain, the faster decisions and therefore actions (or reactions) are made. Your eyes have muscles that flex when we’re refocusing from a near object to a far object from some small point to a large landscape…basically all of the time. So a simple sports example would be a goalie who is tracking players and the ball and shifting from side to side and acting and reacting to play unfolding before them. So, if the eyes can focus more quickly then the decisions and reaction times will be that much faster.

My program involves a series of exercises where the athlete will strengthen the muscles of the eyes that allow him or her to: focus near/far, focus narrow/broad, improve tracking skills, and increase time of sustained focus. One tool that I use are Nike Vapor Strobe glasses. Check out the video for an example and explanation of how they work: Nike Vapor Strobe Glasses

If you believe you can benefit from vision training, send me an email and we’ll set it up.