Professional and Executive Strong Mind Coaching

Every performer (e.g. athlete, surgeon, businessperson) is unique and one on one consulting is an excellent strategy to identify the specific mental strengths and challenges within each individual. Professional Strong Mind coaching can help you achieve your potential in your current position and guide your long-term focus for your career.

My philosophy and approach begins with collecting as much information as possible about you, your company, your objectives, the objectives of your direct report or HR department, etc. Therefore upon initiating services I begin with an assessment phase that can include self-report or 360 report measures to give us a starting point. Following the assessment phase we determine a course of action and begin implementing strategies for performance enhancement, communication, leadership, etc. In my experience with athletics, the military, surgery, and business outcomes matter, therefore, following the implementation phase we will have another assessment phase examining the effectiveness of our work together in meeting your goals and objectives. Finally, all work that I do is discreet and confidential.