Psychology of Elite Performance

Everyone Can Benefit from A Strong Mind


When I first started studying sport and exercise psychology my focus was on examining the psychological elements that influence sport and exercise performance. I have worked with athletes from a variety of sports including golf, baseball, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, field hockey, track and field, and even equestrian. After gaining a lot of very different experiences in sport psychology, I recognized that a number of sport psychology principles could be applied to other performance domains. Since then, I have worked with Special Forces Soldiers in the U.S. Army, performing artists (including musicians and actors preparing for auditions), surgeons, emergency medicine physicians, business professionals, and Navy SEALs.

As a result of these experiences I have realized that while the performance of a surgeon is significantly different from that of a golfer, the mind effects performance outcomes in very similar ways. For example, both golfers and surgeons have highly developed physical and technical skills, however when either gets anxious they’re likely to have their vision narrow and increases in muscle tension and breathing rate, all of which can significantly influence the execution of well-developed technical skill. Without a highly tuned mind, performance outcomes could be compromised and have nothing to do with physical, technical, or tactical abilities.

So whatever your performance is, or if you’re just looking for some guidance on setting and achieving effective goals, feel free to email me to see if performance enhancement¬†is for you.