Dr. Eric Bean

Dr. Eric Bean is a sport and performance coach and consultant. After experiencing the ill-effects of a weak mental game in a high school golf tournament (i.e. he choked), Dr. Bean realized how powerful the mind is in terms of blocking or unlocking our best performances. Dr. Bean combined his love for sport and his passion to help others by earning both a Masters and Doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Dr. Bean is enthralled by helping elite athletes maximize their potential and approach it regularly.

While Dr. Bean’s love of sport guides his passion for working with athletes, he has helped high performers in a wide variety of domains. At Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Dr. Bean led a small team to create and implement the first mental training curriculum for surgeons and emergency physicians at Madigan Army Medical Center. The program was piloted with Ophthalmologists and because of its powerful impact on performance and well-being, the program was quickly adopted by four other specialties and is now hospital wide. Dr. Bean recognized that high performance is the result of multiple variables and while working with a D-1 college team, Dr. Bean created an interdisciplinary team consisting of the coaching staff, the team doctor, the athletic trainer, and the strength & conditioning director. The goal was to share information, align messaging, and adopt a team approach to helping student athletes maximize their potential. This experience prepared Dr. Bean for his work with the Navy SEALs at BUD/S, as they too utilized a holistic approach to achieving and sustaining high performance. Following his work with the Navy, Dr. Bean worked with UCSD Health and developed a comprehensive leadership development program for leaders of all levels including middle management and executives.

As the Director of High Performance for HigherEchelon, Inc., Dr. Bean partners with organizations in both private and public sectors to design, develop, and implement customized solutions for enhancing leadership, aligning strategy and culture, and generating powerful team performance. For example, Dr. Bean is working with a start-up in Dallas by coaching the leadership team, delivering in-person training to the entire staff, and instituting a company-wide mentorship program. Dr. Bean is a Certified Consultant (AASP) and has learned a lot from both elite performers and junior athletes on what it takes to kick butt. Dr. Bean is a published, peer-reviewed author and has written on positive youth development through sport, mental preparation for training and competition, and on leadership development. Dr. Bean lives in San Diego with his wife (i.e. his mental toughness hero), two young sons (who regularly kick his butt), and two dogs.

Email: eric@getastrongmind.com

photo                                                                                         Meeting with Pete Carroll prior to a team building workshop with the 2013 Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks coaching staff