Dr. Eric Bean

Dr. Eric Bean is a Performance and Leadership consultant. Eric is a certified sport psychology consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and works with individuals and teams to strengthen their ability to perform under adverse conditions, maximize learning, and generate consistent growth and performance. Dr. Bean has trained elite athletes and performers across a variety of high stress professions, athletics, and business professionals for the better part of a decade.From 2010 to 2014, Eric provided performance enhancement and resiliency training to U.S. Soldiers and their families. Over that time Eric worked with Army Special Forces, Wounded Warriors, as well as a variety of other Soldier populations. Additionally, Eric created a comprehensive program for surgical and non-surgical residents at Madigan Army Medical Center. Eric worked with the leadership to enhance their ability to develop and lead residents, and was hands-on with the residents to help them maximize learning and ability to handle their unique psychological challenges.

Following his work with the Army, Dr. Bean was recruited to work with the Navy SEALs at the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Center in Coronado, California to provide mental skills training to Navy SEALs and candidates. While there, Dr. Bean focused his work on providing leadership development for the cadre. Recently, Eric worked with UC San Diego Health Sciences and developed a comprehensive leadership development program for leaders of all levels including middle management and executives. Currently, Dr. Bean is the Director of Organizational Performance for HigherEchelon, Inc. and delivers engaging trainings to various private and public organizations on leadership development, employee engagement, high performance, and team cohesion. 

Eric is a published, peer-reviewed author and has written on positive youth development through sport, mental preparation for training and competition, and on leadership development.  Dr. Bean earned his M.S. from California State Fullerton and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. Eric lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, two sons, and two dogs. 

Email: eric@getastrongmind.com

photo                                                                                         Meeting with Pete Carroll prior to a team building workshop with the 2013 Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks coaching staff